Leo Doering from Bielefeld, Germany

‘’From the moment we got picked up from the airport, our hosts tried to make everything as easy as possible for us.’’
‘’We did not only have the chance to play against players from all over Turkey and Serbia, but we also became great friends with a lot of them.’’

Enes Sarin from Malatya, Turkey

‘’This unique organization gathers the young people from different countries who have grown up with different cultures under the same hoop.’’
‘’Under normal circumstances, the ultimate goal of a tournament is to make it to the championship. In this organization, your ultimate goal is to make new friends.’’

Zeynep Ece Avci (head coach) from Diyarbakir, Turkey

‘’Speaking on behalf of the players from Eastern Turkey, Pass the Ball provided them with the opportunity to get on a plane and set their feet in Istanbul for the first time in their lives. This was a dream come true for them. Giving them such an opportunity is definitely above all things.’’

Zeljko Obradovic, 9 times Turkish Airlines Euroleague Championship-winning head coach:

‘’When I was first offered to join, I accepted without thinking about it. The reason is, with these projects we provide the youth to make new friendships. We should all remember that we were like them in our past.’’
‘’I know how important it is for children from different cities and countries to visit a place like Istanbul and meet new people. Therefore, I am very happy to be invited to this wonderful organization. I hope that this project continues in the following years.’’


The most impressive thing about "Pass The Ball“ is that the students are completely in charge of the organization and they did a remarkable job. From the communication before the trip to the last game. Everything went very well. We had a wonderful time. Thank you very much for the hospitality“

Bastian Redmann Head Coach of Bielefeld, Germany 2019